Annama H5 Meteorite Fall: Orbit, Trajectory, Recovery, Petrology, Noble Gases, and Cosmogenic Radionuclides

Kohout T., Gritsevich M., Lyytinen E., Moilainen J., Trigo-Rodríguez J. M., Kruglikov N.,Ishchenko A., Yakovlev G., Grokhovsky V., Haloda J., Halodova P., Meier M. M. M., Laubenstein M., Dimitrev V., Lupovka V. 78th Annual Meeting…

Annama / Аннама is registered in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Annama / Аннама is now officially registered in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database LINK “ Annama 68.77491°N, 30.78726°E Murmanskaya oblast’, Russia Confirmed fall: 2014 Apr 19 Classification: Ordinary chondrite (H5) History: A bright fireball appeared in…

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