Vis-IR Reflectance Spectroscopy of Hydrous Carbonaceous Chondrites with Variable Heating and Dehydration Degrees

M. Matsuoka, T. Nakamura, N. Miyajima, N. Imae, A. Yamaguchi, H. Kojima 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2017), Abstract #2050 LINK

Melting and differentiation of early-formed asteroids: The perspective from high precision oxygen isotope studiesOPEN ACCESS 

Richard C. Greenwood, Thomas H. Burbine, Martin F. Miller, Ian. A. Franchi Chemie der Erde – Geochemistry Review article In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 14 November 2016 LINK (OPEN ACCESS) “A number of distinct…

New Paradigms For Asteroid Formation

Anders Johansen, Emmanuel Jacquet, Jeffrey N. Cuzzi, Alessandro Morbidelli, Matthieu Gounelle Chapter to appear in the book ASTEROIDS IV, (University of Arizona Press) Space Science Series, edited by P. Michel, F. DeMeo and W. Bottke…

Dating the Moon-forming impact event with asteroidal meteorites

W. F. Bottke, D. Vokrouhlický, S. Marchi, T. Swindle, E. R. D. Scott, J. R. Weirich, and H. Levison Science 17 April 2015: Vol. 348 no. 6232 pp. 321-323 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa0602 LINK Supplementary materials (PDF)

Modeling asteroid collisions and impact processes

Martin Jutzi, Keith Holsapple, Kai Wünneman, Patrick Michel Chapter to appear in the Space Science Series Book: Asteroids IV arXiv:1502.01844 PDF (full text) LINK

Asteroid Family Physical Properties

Joseph Masiero, Francesca DeMeo, Toshihiro Kasuga, Alex H. Parker arXiv:1502.00961 PDF LINK (full text) LINK

Formation and Growth of Bodies in the Early Solar System: From Turbulence Motion to Revolving Motion of the Particles and Small Bodies

T. R. Abdulmyanov 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2015), Abstract #1016 PDF LINK

Recycling of an Asteroid via a Comet Inferred from the Chelyabinsk Meteorite

E. Nakamura, T. Kunihiro, H. Kitagawa, K. Kobayashi, T. Ota, C. Sakaguchi, Y. Shimaki, R. Tanaka, T. Tsujimori, M. Yamanaka, G. E. Bebout, V. I. Grokhovsky, O. N. Koroleva, K. D. Litasov, V. Malkovets 46th…