Chelyabinsk, Zond IV, and a possible first-century fireball of historical importance

Hartmann, W. K. (2015) Meteoritics & Planetary Science doi: 10.1111/maps.12428 LINK Comment on “Chelyabinsk, Zond IV, and a possible first‐century fireball of historical importance” William K. Hartmann, Alexander Forte, Alina SABYR Meteorit Planet Sci. ….

Modeling the Chelyabinsk Impact, 2

D. G. Korycansky 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2015), Abstract #1144 PDF LINK

Thermally Induced Chemistry of Meteoritic Complex Organic Molecules: A New Heat-Diffusion Model for the Atmospheric Entry of Meteorites

Christopher N. Shingledecker submitted on 16 Dec 2014 arXiv:1412.5134v1 PDF LINK LINK

Meteor northeast of Grenaa, Jutland, Denmark, 4 November, 20:17 UTC

Seen from Oslo in southern direction. The bolide was also recorded for 2 seconds by Jesper Green from Silkeborg in Denmark* and the bearing reveals that the meteor coming from an eastsoutheasterly direction ended its…

Recent multi-kiloton impact events: are they truly random?

C. de la Fuente Marcos, R. de la Fuente Marcos arXiv:1409.0452 revised 16 Sept 2014 ; Printed 17 September 2014 PDF LINK LINK It is customarily assumed that Earth-striking meteoroids are completely random, and that…

Chelyabinsk triptych completed

After one year the Ural painter Albert Rastjapi / Альберт Растяпи has completed his Chelyabinsk triptych LEFT PANEL CENTRAL PANEL RIGHT PANEL LINK (Original) English machine translation: LINK