Autonomous spectrographic system to analyse the main elements of fireballs and meteorsOPEN ACCESS 

Francisco Ángel Espartero, Germán Martínez, Marta Frías, Francisco Simón Montes Moya and Alberto Javier Castro-Tirado

Earth, Planets and Space
2018 70:2


“We present a meteor observation system based on imaging CCD cameras, wide-field optics and a diffraction grating. This system is composed of two independent spectrographs with different configurations, which allows us to capture images of fireballs and meteors with several fields of view and sensitivities. The complete set forms a small autonomous observatory, comprised of a sealed box with a sliding roof, weather station and computers for data storing and reduction. Since 2014, several meteors have been studied using this facility, such as the Alcalá la Real fireball recorded on 30 September 2016.”