The Kargapole meteorite: New data on mineralogy

Doklady Earth Sciences
December 2017, Volume 477, Issue 2, pp 1441–1444
First Online: 03 January 2018


“New data on the mineral composition of Kargapole meteorite, which was found in Kurgan oblast in 1961, are presented. It has been established that the meteoritic material is represented by olivine (chrysolite), orthopyroxene (bronzite), clinopyroxene (diopside), plagioclase (oligoclase), chromite, Fe and Ni metal particles (kamacite, taenite, tetrataenite), sulfides (troilite, pentlandite), chlorapatite, and merrillite. For the first time, diopside, tetrataenite, pentlandite, chlorapatite, and merrillite were identified in the Kargapole meteorite. The chemical compositions of all minerals studied are given in Table 1. In terms of petrology, the meteorite is classified a common H4 chondrite.”

Original Russian Text © Yu.V. Erokhin, V.A. Koroteev, V.V. Khiller, E.V. Burlakov, K.S. Ivanov, D.A. Kleimenov, 2017, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2017, Vol. 477, No. 5, pp. 582–585.