A Preliminary Analysis of the Shangri-La Bolide on 2017 Oct 4OPEN ACCESS 

Quan-Zhi Ye

Earth and Planetary Physics in press


“At 12:07 UT (8:07 pm China Standard Time) on 2017 Oct 4, a bright bolide was widely observed in the Shangri-La region in the Province of Yunnan, China (Figure 1). The event was well observed by the general public as it took place on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival which associates with moon gazing. Sonic booms and ground shaking were reported in an area about a thousand square kilometers wide to the northwest of the Shangri-La City. Data from the U.S. government sensor suggested that the impact energy of the event is approximately 0.54 kt TNT equivalent, with the terminus of the bolide positioned at 28.1∘ N, 99.4∘ E. This is the largest observed bolide event overland since the bolide event took place in Mauritania on 2016 Jun 27 (1.2 kt). In this Research Note we present a preliminary analysis of this event. ”