Characterisation, Sources and Flux of Unmelted Micrometeorites on Earth During the Last ~50,000 YearsOPEN ACCESS 

M. Shyam Prasad, N. G. Rudraswami, Agnelo Alexandre de Araujo & V. D. Khedekar

Scientific Reports, volume 8,
Article number: 8887 (2018)


“Dust dominates extraterrestrial flux on the earth (30,000 tonnes/yr), however only ~5% of the cosmic dust survives atmospheric entry which is basically in two forms: melted and unmelted. Melted micrometeorites undergo transformational changes due to heating during atmospheric entry which obliterate evidences regarding their precursors. Unmelted micrometeorites (UMM) survive atmospheric entry with minimal alteration, they provide direct evidence for their parent bodies. Recent investigations unravelled a wide range of UMM, there are however no quantitative estimates of sources that contribute to the cosmic dust accreted by the Earth.”