Unique mineral assemblages of shock-induced titanium-rich melt pockets in eucrite Northwest Africa 8003

Run-Lian Pang, Dennis Harries, Kilian Pollok, Ai-Cheng Zhang, Falko Langenhorst

In Press, Journal Pre-proof, Available online 21 September 2019


“Shock-induced Ti-rich melt pockets in a basaltic eucrite Northwest Africa (NWA) 8003 were studied using scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Unique mineral assemblages consisting of clinopyroxene, ilmenite, vestaite, corundum, and kyanite are observed. Among them, vestaite and corundum in NWA 8003 are first reported to occur in eucrite meteorites. Petrographic and chemical evidences indicate that the Ti-rich melt pockets have formed by in-situ melting of ilmenite, plagioclase, pyroxene, and possibly minor silica and apatite nearby. The temperature rise and melting were caused by the high shock impedance contrast at interfaces between ilmenite and other phases with a distinctly lower density. Crystallization pressure, temperature and cooling time of the Ti-rich melt pockets in NWA 8003 are constrained to be ∼0.9–∼10 GPa, ∼1300–∼1730 °C, and < 1 ms (5–50 μm in size), respectively.”