Petrology and Chemical Composition of Olivine-Pyroxene-Phyric Quenched Angrite Northwest Africa 12774

A. J. Irving, P. K. Carpenter, J. H. Tepper, M. Righter, T. J. Lapen, H. Busemann

51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2020), Abstract #2399


“Angrites are enigmatic achondrites notable for their highly refractory chemical compositions, distinctive mineralogy, very ancient formation ages (> 4.55 Ga) and very diverse ejection ages (0.6-55 Myr) [1 -6]. With recent recoveries in northwestern Africa the numbers of angrite specimens have grown, such that now there are 20 unpaired specimens. All but one are igneous rocks (or at least products of crystallization from melts) and there is great diversity in their textures. NWA 12774 is a very fresh 454 gram stone with many similarities to NWA 7812.”