Study of the Composition of Aba Panu (L3) Meteorite Degassing Products

A. V. Stennikov, V. S. Fedulov, S. G. Naimushin, N. V. Dushenko & S. A. Voropaev

Solar System Research, Volume 54, pages 150–154 (2020)


“The study of the degassing of primitive cosmic matter (in particular meteorites) allows us to better understand and evaluate the processes that occur during the formation of the primary (lost) and secondary atmospheres of rocky planets. To do this, the author’s technique using a specially designed device was employed. Continuing the ideas of the previous work, where the composition of the volatile LL5 chondrite was analyzed, this article describes the study of Aba Panu L3 chondrite by the same methods: calcination in the temperature range from 200 to 800°C in increments of 100°C. The composition and amount of volatile components extracted is evaluated on a chromatograph.”