Experimental Study of the Product Composition of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite (LL5) Outgassing

A. V. Stennikov, S. A. Voropaev, V. S. Fedulov, N. V. Dushenko & S. G. Naimushin

Solar System Research volume 53, pages199–207 (2019)


“The Chelyabinsk meteorite sample of type LL5 was subjected to calcination in the specially constructed instrument in the temperature range 200–800°C in increments of 100°C. The composition of the obtained volatile constituents was examined on a chromatograph. Detected were: CO2, H2O, and N2 in concentrations of 5–40 μg/g of the sample; H2, CO, CH4, and H2S in concentrations of 0.1–2.0 μg/g. By observing changes in the selected component concentrations over time (up to 90 minutes), it was concluded that chemical reactions in the system between volatile components occur directly during outgassing.”