Explaining the Variations in Isotopic Ratios in Meteoritic Amino AcidsOPEN ACCESS 

Michael A. Famiano, Richard N. Boyd, Toshitaka Kajino, Satoshi Chiba, Yirong Mo, Takashi Onaka, Toshi Suzuki


Update (6 August 2020): LINK

“Measurements of the isotopic abundances in meteoritic amino acids have found enhancements of 2H/H, 15N/14N, and 13C/12C in the amino acids in the meteorites studied. We show that they are consistent with the processing of the constituents of the meteorites by electron anti-neutrinos that would be expected from a core-collapse supernova or neutron-star merger. Using theoretical electron anti-neutrino cross sections we are able to predict these isotopic ratio variations depending on the time-integrated anti-neutrino flux at the site where the amino acids were processed. “