(Fe,Ni)2P allabogdanite can be an ambient pressure phase in iron meteoritesOPEN ACCESS 

Konstantin D. Litasov, Tatyana B. Bekker, Nursultan E. Sagatov, Pavel N. Gavryushkin, Pavel G. Krinitsyn & Konstantin E. Kuper

Scientific Reports 10 , 1–11


“An orthorhombic modification of (Fe,Ni)2P, allabogdanite, found in iron meteorites was considered to be thermodynamically stable at pressures above 8 GPa and temperatures of 1673 K according to the results of recent static high-pressure and high-temperature experiments. A hexagonal polymorphic modification of (Fe,Ni)2P, barringerite, was considered to be stable at ambient conditions. Experimental investigation through the solid-state synthesis supported by ab initio calculations was carried out to clarify the stability fields of (Fe,Ni)2P polymorphs. Both experimental and theoretical studies show that Fe2P-allabogdanite is a low-temperature phase stable at ambient conditions up to a temperature of at least 773 K and, therefore, is not necessarily associated with high pressures. This is consistent with the textural relationships of allabogdanite in iron meteorites.”