The First Russian-Mongolian Meteorite Expedition to the Gobi Desert

Aleksander Yu. Pastukhovich, S. Demberel, Viktor I. Grokhovsky, Viktor V. Sharygin, Stepan V. Berzin, Kseniya A. Dugushkina, Mikhail Yu. Larionov, Lev A. Muravyev, T. Nasan-Ochir, Evgeniya V. Petrova, Grigoriy A. Yakovlev

Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation. pp 185-190, Conference paper


“The article describes the results of the work of the Russian-Mongolian meteorite expedition in the Gobi Desert during 08-09.2018. The coordinates of the areas of the search works, the search method and description of the meteorite substance are given. Two Mongolian meteorites were classified and their mineralogy and composition were studied in detail. Noyon and Shinejinst meteorites are ordinary chondrites of LL (L)3 S2 W2-3 and H4 S3-4 W2 classes, respectively.”