Meteorite fall in Famenin, near Hamedan, Iran on 27th June, 4.30 UTC / 8.30 am local (updated: 5 Feb. 2016)

Last update: February 5, 2016

Famenin, Iran Ordinary Chondrite 2015 Fall: Non-Destructive Analysis
P. J. A. McCausland, R. L. Flemming, M. J. Mazur, J. Umoh, D. W. Holdsworth, J. Wengenroth
47th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2016), Abstract #3064

photo credit: Raja News

photo credit: Raja News

Michael Mazur reports that according to initial studies of CEREGE in France the meteorite is provisionally classified as H/L3 chondrite
The total weight is reported to be around 700g (455g/120g/32g)

An update (#1) on the Famenin hammerstone

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possible Hamadan meteorite

photo credit: Naser (@snhasani)

Hamedan meteorite 3

photo credit: hamedanpayam

Impact pit on roof

Impact pit on roof / photo credit: hamedanpayam

possible impact pit / photo credit: Raja News

possible impact pit / photo credit: Raja News