Two new discovery of parautochthonous moldavites in southwestern Poland, Central Europe

Brachaniec, T., Szopa, K. and Karwowski, Ł. (2015),

Meteoritics & Planetary Science. doi: 10.1111/maps.12504


Moldavites represent tektites derived from the Ries impact structure (~24 km diameter, ~15 Myr old) in southern Germany. Two new localities with parautochthonous moldavites in southwestern Poland were found. In these localities, fluvial sediments of the so-called Gozdnicka formation host the moldavites. Characteristic tektite features, especially bubbles and inclusions of lechatelierite, are reported. The moldavites’ size distribution and their abraded shapes indicate that they were redeposited from the nearby Lusatia substrewn field.