Elemental Composition of Primitive Anhydrous IDPs

G. Flynn, S. Wirick, S. R. Sutton, and A. Lanzirotti

EPSC Abstracts
Vol. 10, EPSC2015-117, 2015
European Planetary Science Congress 2015


“We measured elemental compositions of five large
anhydrous cluster interplanetary dust particles (IDPs)
that show no evidence of significant thermal
alteration during atmospheric entry and found their
mean composition to be very similar to that of
primitive CI meteorites. Our results indicate that the
enrichment in moderately volatile elements and the
depletion in S found in the ~10 µm anhydrous,
chondritic porous (CP) IDPs, the matrix of these
cluster IDPs, are not representative of the
composition of their parent body. The inclusion of
larger (>10 µm) volatile-poor silicates as well as
sulfides in the large anhydrous cluster IDPs, which
sample the CP IDP parent body at a larger size scale,
suggests the large cluster IDPs are unbiased samples
of the condensable material of the Solar Nebula. “