Compositional and textural data of a new ungrouped iron meteorite from Oglat Sidi Ali, Morocco

V. Moggi Cecchi, S. Caporali, G. Pratesi, H. Nachit, C.D.K. Herd, and G. Chen

EPSC Abstracts
Vol. 10, EPSC2015-312-4, 2015
European Planetary Science Congress 2015

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In the present paper compositional and textural data
on a recently found iron meteorite are provided. The
meteorite was recovered near the locality of Oglat
Sidi Ali, Maatarka, Morocco, in 2013 by Hassane
Nachit during an expedition for meteorite recovery.
Field data on the recovered samples suggest that the
meteorite might be part of a strewn field produced by
a single body that broke up in the lower atmosphere.
Analytical data performed on an etched and polished
section suggest a classification as ungrouped iron