Evolution of Zakłodzie enstatite meteorite – insight from TEM analyses

A. Krzesinska, R. Wirth, and M.A. Kusiak

EPSC Abstracts
Vol. 10, EPSC2015-651, 2015
European Planetary Science Congress 2015


“The Zakłodzie meteorite is an achondritic-like rock
with enstatite chondrite parentage [1,2,3]. Its texture
indicative for complicated thermal history and
various processes were proposed to account for this
[1,2,3]. Based on the mineral composition it was
concluded that the rock represents EL7 enstatite
chondrite [1]. Twinned enstatite and zonal feldspar
crystals in Zakłodzie were interpreted as formed by
impact melting and rapid crystallization [2]. On the
other hand, cumulate structure was considered to
result from igneous processes and slow cooling of the
meteorite [3]. The aim of presented study was to
define whether Zakłodzie formed by shock event on
chondritic parent body or by slow cooling from high
temperatures typical for achondritic meteorites. “