On the frequency of the superfireballs: more than 150 years of reports

Sandra Zamora, Fancisco Ocaña, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, Maruška Mole

Proceedings of the IMC, Mistelbach, 2015

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“Superfireballs are rare phenomena for which the reports are scarce and the estimation of their abundance has a huge margin of uncertainty. As a citizen science project we have gathered >500 reports from newspapers in the 1850-2000 period. This database shows how some superfireball abundances are constant during the period, though the reference newspapers have changed in the last two centuries. We have tentatively related some fireball sources to well-known meteor showers (Perseids, Geminids and Leonids), while superfireball sources may be related to minor or unknown showers, probably of asteroidal origin.”