Possible meteorite fall (~4.7 kg, H5, S2) in Valle, Setesdal, Agder, Norway on 3 February 2012

The Valle meteorite in situ on 9 June 2013. Photo: Terje Fjeldheim

Jeg gikk rundt et vann og så at den lå der på en torvmyr.” (Terje Fjeldheim)

On 9 June 2013 57-year old Terje Fjeldheim from Kongsberg was on his way back from the 90-km mountain bike race Nordsjørittet in Rogaland when he decided to stop at some mountain lakes for a fishing trip.whil E walking around the Gunnarsvatnet lake he found a 4.7-kilogram meteorite which had been broken into two larger (~3637 and ~829 grams) and some smaller fragments on impact. The meteorite was found at location 59°01’20.9″N, 7°15’28.1″E on a peat bog near the shore of the lake. Since the meteorite was lying on a rock it is assumed that there was snow at the time of its fall. On 14 June Fjeldheim brought the meteorite to the Naturhistorisk museum at Tøyen in Oslo and decided to donate the smaller 800-gram fragment to the museum. In August 2013 the Naturhistorisk Museum paid 200,000 Kronen for the 3.6-kilogram mass of the meteorite. Later during the summer even the impact pit was dug out and brought to the Naturhistorisk museum.

The Valle meteorite in situ near the lake on 9 June 2013. Photo: Terje Fjeldheim

Photo: Terje Fjeldheim

A possible bolide on 3 February 2012

There is a possible connection to a 3.3-second bolide heading towards a northeastern direction which was recorded at 07:17:31-34 (06:17:31-34 UTC) on 3 February 2012 by Steinar Midtskogen’s camera in Voksenlia in Holmenkollåsen in Oslo. There were eyewitness reports from Lier and Porsgrunn where people saw the bolide from a car. From Lier it was seen in a southwestern direction, from Oslo in a direction with an azimuth of 235° between 7 and 14 degrees above the horizon. From Porsgrunn it was seen in a west-northwestern direction low above the horizon. The bolide was also photographed from Jels and Klokkerholm in Denmark. According to calculations the luminous trail ended at an altitude of about 30 kilometers above Kvifjorden. The bolide was probably slow, only about 13 km / s.

Video of the bolide at 07:17:31-34 (local time) on 3 February 2012. Video: Steinar Midtskogen

The bolide. Photo: Steinar Midtskogen

The meteorite’s find location (little red dot) in the calculated fall zone based on the bearings from Oslo (Voksenlia) and Klokkerholm in Denmark. Image: Norsk meteornettverk

Terje Fjeldheim digging out the impact pit of the Valle meteorite. Video: Morton Bilet