Last update: 25 March 2023

22nd “ENSISHEIM METEORITE 2023” show news (March 25, 2023)

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Dear meteorite friends, members of IMCA & Meteorite-Central List,

Please find here preliminary news, mainly concerning the new place of the 2023 show.


Show location
As it was already the case for the 19th edition of our Meteorite Show in 2018, the Regency Palace buildings will be closed again this year due to intensive work. This Spring/Summer, all the old roofs of the Regency Palace must be replaced. As a result, all the interior furniture of the concerned rooms must be removed and the rooms will stay empty for several months.

As a consequence, this 2023 Meteorite Show (22nd edition) must be again shifted to the Gymnasium buildings which are located 450 meters away from the from the Regency palace.

The official address of the new (provisional) show building is the same as for the 2018 show, namely:

Gymnase Communal, Rue de Colmar, F-68190 ENSISHEIM.

To respond to many inquiries regarding the precise location of the new show hall, here are more details.

The new building is located in the middle of a large park, about 450 m away (as the crow flies ) from the Regency palace.

When you reach “downtown Ensisheim”, continue driving westwards through the main street (“Rue de la première Armée”), drive past the Regency Palace and the Domaine du Moulin Hotel that are on your right, cross the bridge and follow the “Rue de la Gare” street for about 200-250 m up to the first large roundabout (traffic circle) where you take the 3rd exit, “Rue de Colmar” street, thus on the left from “Rue de la Gare”.

The entrance is immediately on your left and you can enter the large parking (which is surrounded by “Rue de la Gare” and “Rue de Colmar” streets) by car.

You will spot two main buildings, the “Gymnase” (show hall) and the “Elisatia” building (restaurant, lecture rooms etc.)”.

Park the car in the places indicated by signs and located around the buildings, (parking lot is large enough).

If requested, I can provide a detailed map as mail attachment, just ask.

Show schedule
The Meteorite show will be held as usually, the week preceding the Ste-Marie-aux-Mines “Mineral & Gem” show:

* Friday June 16: 10:00–18:00: professional day (for dealers only, public not allowed).

* Friday June 16, 18:30: Official show pre-opening (for dealers, friends & invited guests): welcome words, induction ceremonies, and the traditional friendly drink.

* Friday June 16, 20:00: traditional DINNER PARTY in the “Elisatia” building where everybody (dealers, public…) is warmly invited (details to be specified later)

Show opening to the public:

* Saturday June 17: 9:30–18:30 (dealers access possible from 8:00)

* Sunday June 18: 9:30–16:30 (dealers access possible from 8:30)

* Sunday June 18: 11:00 : Plenary lecture (see below)

Entrance fee (for the public)
* Saturday + Sunday: 5 €
* Saturday only:  5 €
* Sunday only:  3 €
* Children under 12: free

* To avoid fraud, tickets with stamp will be distributed at the entrance

Material to be offered for sale

Our show is exclusively dedicated to extraterrestrial material (meteorites, tektites, impactites and related literature). In other words, any other geological material of terrestrial origin, namely minerals, gems, fossils, pearls….is strongly prohibited to display or to offer for sale.

Travel tips

Maps and travel itineraries will be found soon on the website of the city of Ensisheim:

Nearby hotels are: “La Couronne” (reopened after a substantial restoration) “Domaine du Moulin”, “Logis de l’Ecomusée”, “Niemerich” and “Cheval Blanc” hotels. More information on their location and their characteristics (phone, fax, e-mail, websites) will be given on the official show flyer which will be finalized soon. You could also find it on the city’s website or ask me to send it to you by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: everyone must organize his own accommodation! If you call those hotels, they do speak English and German.

The food and lecture spaces are greatly improved since more free space is now available for all kind of side activities within the shadowed park around the show buildings.


We have the great honor and pleasure to have as lecturer Martin Kappler from Germany, our Ensisheim committee member and unavoidable expert in meteorite science and cosmochemistry. For many years his “” web site has reported the latest results of scientific research on meteorites and has thoroughly documented the most recent falls. Martin is a very active contributor to the International Meteorite Forum in German language “”. It is an educational, non-commercial platform of the Internet intended to stimulate an intense discussion of the various aspects of meteorites. Martin has kindly accepted to give us a talk on Sunday 11:00 in the “Elisatia” building, tentatively entitled: “Ownership, Regulations, and Meteorite Laws: Point of View of Meteorite Collectors and Dealers”. The content of the presentation is based on feedback from mailing lists, Internet forums and focus groups from the past 15 to 20 years, as well as a questionnaire survey of meteorite collectors and sellers in July/August 2021. This kind of original lecture should be of the highest interest to all of you, meteorite afficionados!

Details about other side activities (Friday Dinner Party, other food possibilities, wine sales…), will be provided in a forthcoming “Ensi-Newsletter



The main concern for many of you is the table setup and the dealers layout within the single new show building.

The “Gymnase Communal” is a large 40 x 20 m sports hall where all the tables will be aligned in 11 parallel rows (10 rows of 8 tables and 1 row of 6 tables, and 6 central tables reserved for the consignment sales), roughly in a way similar to the Munich show halls

Tables of 160×80 cm and 182×75 cm will be mixed.

They are considered almost equivalent in size and totally equivalent in price. (single price of 200 euros per table – and not per meter), regardless of the number of tables rented, meaning that there is no more digressive price for those who rent more than one table.

There is space enough in the big Gymnasium room to accommodate all the 2022 participants (about 86) and even to add at least 10 extra tables for possible newcomers, understanding that we do not wish to exceed 98 tables in total.

All tables are aligned perpendicularly to the entrance door. They will receive some natural sunlight through the windows in the roof. However, it is up to you to decide if your tables need extra lighting. Please note that only LED bulbs are acceptable, with a maximum power of 100 watt per table. Other bulbs are now prohibited.

For the “old exhibitors” (those who have been reserving tables for a long time), I will respect as much as possible their old layout in the Regency rooms and their wishes regarding the presence of their usual neighbors.

The “new exhibitors” (those who have only rented tables last year and all the newcomers) must accept tables as selected by the organizers, following the “first come, first served” rule, if possible.

Those of you who booked tables in 2022, please inform me quickly whether (or not) you wish to confirm your renting tables this year.

If yes, specify how many tables you want to rent.

I insist that if you cannot come this year, you must notify me that you want to cancel. This is very important and absolutely necessary so that I can immediately assign tables to those who are on the waiting list.

Tables must be paid preferably in cash (in Euros), at the reception desk located at the main entrance of the Gymnasium. French checks are tolerated but not credit cards !
When you pay, you will receive your personalized badges (for you and your assistants -see below).

You are allowed to enter only if you wear your badge.

The reservation of the tables can start from now (March 22).

To register, send me an e-mail:

It is better not to use my business e-mail “zelimir;”, that I rarely consult.

If you have contacted me before March 19 this year or by end of 2021, especially at my business mail, please contact me again to be safe (just send me a short reminder, specifying the date of your fist request).

When you rent tables, please specify the following data:

First name, last name and the country of origin of the main dealer (you) and the same for all your assistants. This is necessary so that we can prepare the corresponding badges.

Nobody can enter showrooms without badges outside opening hours.

All dealers and their assistants must wear their personal badge permanently during their stay in the showrooms.

Dealer’s assistants

The rules for assistants are the following:

1 reserved table = one dealer and max. 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;

2 tables, also one dealer and max. 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;

3 tables, one dealer and max. 2 assistants, so up to 3 badges awarded;

More than 3 tables, still up to 3 badges are awarded; no additional badge is awarded for more than 3 persons per stand composed of 4 tables or more. These (“badgeless”) people will be considered to be part of the public and will have to pay the entrance fee accordingly.

Persons without badge are not considered resellers, cannot occupy tables and are not allowed to enter the showrooms on Friday (professional day) nor outside public opening hours on Friday & Sunday.

Selling meteorites elsewhere in buildings or outside around the buildings and the parking area is not allowed.

“Consignment tables”

Consignment tables “: = space where organizers and guests coming from “far away” can offer for sale their “extraterrestrials” at a friendly price.

These 4 additional tables are now located in the middle row of the hall.

Those who are interested in reserving a small space on these consignment tables (this is free of charge), please contact me and, if possible, specify approximately the amount of space desired. ~20 to 20 samples (flexible as for the number) are allowed to be offered for sale.


From now on (March 25, 2023), feel free to send me any time your wishes to reserve your tables, following the requirements recalled above.

We also want to send a warm welcome to everybody who will attend this “not so ordinary” 22nd meteorite show in Ensisheim.

I am now looking forward to receiving news from many of you (especially from dealers) as soon as possible and remain at your disposal to provide you with any kind of additional information.

Thank you for your constant interest in our event!

My ever-friendly regards to everybody.