Last update: 13 April 2024

23rd “ENSISHEIM METEORITE SHOW 2024” news (March 29, 2024)

23rd “ENSISHEIM METEORITE SHOW 2024” news (March 29, 2024) (PDF)

Table Map (New Version 7 April 2024) – Ensisheim Meteorite Show 2024 (PDF)

Dear meteorite friends, members of IMCA & Meteorite-Central List,

Please find some preliminary news, mainly concerning the return of the 2024 show to the Regency Palace


Show location

As it was usually the case for most of the preceding editions, the Regency Palace buildings, located in the center of Ensisheim, in front of the church, will be again available to host our show.

As a result, the number of tables placed in the renewed inside of the main building rooms and their layout could be slightly modified, compared to the 2022 show.

Show schedule

The Meteorite show will be held, as usual, during the weekend preceding the Ste-Marie-aux-Mines “Mineral & Gem” show:

* Friday June 21: 10:00–18:00: professional day (for dealers only, public not allowed).

* Friday June 21, 18:30: official show pre-opening (for dealers, friends & invited guests): welcome address,

induction ceremonies, and the traditional friendly drink.

* Friday June 21, 20:00: traditional DINNER PARTY in the big tent set up on the square where everybody

(dealers, public…) is warmly invited (details given below and refined more precisely later)

Official show opening to the public

* Saturday June 22: 9:30–18:30 (dealer’s access possible from 8:00)

* Sunday June 23: 9:30–16:30 (dealer’s access possible from 8:30)

Free entrance for the public on Saturday and Sunday !

Travel tips

Maps and travel itineraries can be found soon on the website of the city of Ensisheim:


The main nearby hotels are: “La Couronne” (across the street from the Regency buildings), “Domaine du Moulin”, “Logis de l’Ecomusée”, “Niemerich” and “Cheval Blanc”. More information on their location and their characteristics (phone, fax, e-mail, websites) will be available soon on the city’s website. You can also ask me to send it to you by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Everyone must organize their own accommodation! If you call, they all also speak English and German.

Food and Friday Dinner Party

The food places and the lecture room are in (or juxtaposed to) the church square.

The Dinner Party starts on Friday on the main square under the big tent, at 20:00. The detailed menu will be specified in a future “Ensi-Newsletter”. Reservation for the Dinner Party is appreciated though not strictly controlled; it just helps the cooks to prepare the appropriate amount of food.

Details about all other side activities (Friday Dinner menu, other food possibilities, wine sales …), will be provided in a forthcoming “Ensi-Newsletter”.

Induction ceremonies

The induction ceremonies of the new “Honorary Members of the Ensisheim Meteorite Association ” now definitely replaces the former “Honorary Ensisheim Meteorite Guardians” nominations. Their status is of course equivalent to that of the old inductees and both must be considered as forever “Ensisheim Meteorite Guardians”.

We recommend attending this part of the welcoming ceremonies (Friday 18:30) which will be brief enough to save time for the friendly tasting of the drinks.

Lecture and thematic exhibit

So far, we had accepted a very interesting lecture about tektites; the lecturer is the famous tektite expert Aubrey Whymark, from the UK, living in the Philippines. His presentation deals with the “Search for the Australasian Tektite Source Crater”. He will also briefly define the mechanisms explaining the particular morphologies of these strange tektites. His PowerPoint presentation can automatically (real-time through the microphone) translate the English language talk into French subtitles at the bottom of the screen. In addition, each slide has a summary in French and German (via Google Translate).

This nice offer from Aubrey prompted us to select “TEKTITES” as the 2024 thematic exhibition.

To illustrate this lecture, I will bring my own extended collection of tektites from the Philippines and display them in an appropriate place in the Regency room.



The main concern of many of you is the table setup and the dealers layout within the Regency buildings and in the entrance tent.

This year, all tables are new and have the same dimensions, i.e. 153 x 76 cm.

In total, 90 tables are available.

The layout of the room with the distribution of the tables is attached to this newsletter.

The table price is 220 Euros per table (and not per meter), regardless of the number of tables rented, meaning that there is no more digressive price for those who rent more than one table.

Tables must be paid preferably in cash (in Euros) on the opening day, at the reception desk located at the main entrance of the tent. French checks are accepted but credit cards aren’t!

Don’t send any money in advance through any kind of bank draft.

If you reserve, we trust you will come. If you can’t come, please notify me ASAP so that I can rent out your table to newcomers who accept being on my waiting list.

When you pay, you will receive your personalized badges (for you and your assistants – see below).

You are only allowed to enter if you wear your badge!

Note that in 2022 (Regency place) 86 tables were available and in 2023 (Gymnasium), 94 tables were available.

This year, we have modified the tables’ places in the Regency space so that 4 additional tables could be added compared to 2022, but there are 4 tables less than in the Gymnasium in 2023.

This year I will try to accommodate up to 90 potential dealers (and their assistants) in the best way, trying to respect both the 2022 and 2023 table layouts.

I am sorry in advance for possibly not being able to meet everybody’s wishes and I hope everybody will show flexibility and accept my best rearrangements, which must be strict, meaning they can neither be modified nor changed.

For the “old exhibitors” (those who have reserved tables for a long time, basically in the Regency rooms), I will respect their wishes as much as possible regarding their old places and the presence of their usual neighbors.

I will try to do the same with dealers present last year, within the layout in the Gymnasium, though this might be more tricky because of the slightly restricted number of tables this year.

The “new exhibitors” (those who have rented tables for the first time last year and all the newcomers this year) must accept tables as selected by the organizers, following the “first come, first served” rule, if possible.

So far, I already have received about 25-30 wishes to reserve tables (old and new dealers) and I reserve the right to place in priority to our old guests.

I therefore recommend that all our other old dealers reserve tables as soon as possible, respecting the strict deadline of May 15, 2024.

I will very much appreciate if these dealers can inform me quickly about whether they wish (or not) to confirm their renting of tables this year again . If yes, specify how many tables you want to rent.

If I have no news from them by May 15 at the latest, I will offer their usual tables to newcomers.

I will accept in priority the 2023 newcomers, then the 2024 newcomers who already asked for tables, then only the “new newcomers”, who will reserve from now on (April 1).

That’s the best I can do folks, so thanks very much for your flexibility and understanding.

Note: Although the official reservations can start from April 1, I will acknowledge all the early requests for tables so far received during the 2023-2024 period, and reply personally each mail within the next few days.

The reservation of the tables can start from now (April 1)

To register, send me an e-mail:


You can also use my usual business mail although I consult it very seldom.


If you have contacted me before March 31 this year or by the end of 2023, it is safer to contact me again (just send me a short reminder, specifying the date of your first request).

When you rent tables, please specify the following data:

First name, last name and the country of origin of the main dealer (you) and the same for all your assistants! This is necessary so that we can prepare the corresponding badges.

Nobody can enter showrooms without badges outside the opening hours.

All dealers and their assistants must also wear their personal badge permanently during their stay in the showrooms.

Dealer’s assistants

The rules for assistants are the following:

1 reserved table = one dealer and not more than 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;

2 tables, also one dealer and not more than 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;

3 tables, one dealer and not more than 2 assistants, so up to 3 badges awarded;

More than 3 tables, still up to 3 badges are awarded; no additional badge is awarded for more than 3 persons per stand composed of 4 tables or more. These (“badgeless”) assistants have no access to the showrooms on Friday and will be considered as the public on Saturday and Sunday.

Persons without badge are not considered resellers, cannot occupy tables and are not allowed to enter the showrooms on Friday (professional day) nor outside public opening hours on Saturday & Sunday.

Selling meteorites elsewhere in the buildings or outside (on the main square) is not allowed.

“Consignment tables”

Consignment tables “: is the space where organizers and guests coming from “far away” can offer their “extraterrestrials” for sale at a friendly price.

These 4 additional tables are now located at the entrance of the tent.

Those who are interested in reserving a small space on these consignment tables (this is free of charge), are asked to please contact me and, if possible, specify approximately the amount of space desired. Currently 10 to 20 samples (still flexible number) are allowed to be offered for sale.

Material to offer for sale

Our show is exclusively dedicated to extraterrestrial material (meteorites, tektites, impactites and related literature). In other words, any other geological material of terrestrial origin, namely minerals, gems, fossils, pearls etc. is strongly prohibited to be displayed or to be offered for sale.


We are warmly welcoming everybody to attend this 23rd Meteorite Show in Ensisheim.

I am now looking forward to receiving news from many of you (especially from dealers) as soon as possible and remain at your disposal to provide you with any kind of additional information.

Thank you for your constant interest in our event!

My ever-friendly regards to everybody.

Welcome all, have much fun and always stay happy!