A neutron tomography study of the Seymchan pallasite

Kichanov, S. E., Kozlenko, D. P., Lukin, E. V., Rutkauskas, A. V., Krasavin, E. A., Rozanov, A. Y. and Savenko, B. N.

Meteorit Planet Sci. . doi:10.1111/maps.13115


“The internal structure of an olivine‐rich fragment of the Seymchan meteorite was studied using neutron tomography. The differences in the neutron attenuation coefficients of constituent elements of the studied pallasite and the application of modern mathematical algorithms for a three‐dimensional (3‐D) imaging data analysis allow us to obtain a spatial distribution of different meteorite components. The heterogeneous distribution of the nickel in the metal phase was observed. In addition to the resulting 3‐D model of the Seymchan meteorite, the distributions of the volumes, average sizes, and shape‐related parameters of the FeNi metal component and olivine grains were obtained.”