The vanadium isotopic composition of L ordinary chondrites

Yongli Xue, Chun-hui Li, Yuhan Qi, Chuantong Zhang, Bingkui Miao, Fang Huang

Acta Geochimica
pp 1–8


“Stable isotopic data of meteorites are critical for understanding the evolution of terrestrial planets. In this study, we report high-precision vanadium (V) isotopic compositions of 11 unequilibrated and equilibrated L chondrites. Our samples show an average δ51V of − 1.25‰ ± 0.38‰ (2SD, n = 11), which is ~ 0.5‰ lighter than that of the bulk silicate Earth constrained by mantle peridotites. Isotopic fractionation in type 3 ordinary chondrites vary from − 1.76‰ to − 1.29‰, whereas the δ51V of equilibrated chondrites vary from − 1.37‰ to − 1.08‰. δ51V of L chondrites do not correlate with thermal metamorphism, shock stage, or weathering degree. Future studies are required to explore the reason for V isotope variation in the solar system.”