Meteorite flaws and scaling for atmospheric entry

Kathryn L. Bryson, Daniel R. Ostrowski, Aline Blasizzo

Planetary and Space Science
Available online 28 June 2018



• Scale strength of meteorite to parent body using scaling factor.
• Non-destructive technique to determine scaling factor for strength of meteorites.
• Weibull coefficient within range of previous determined values for meteorites.”

“Research is being conducted to understand the behavior of asteroids entering the atmosphere in order to help quantify their impact hazard. The strength of the body plays a critical role in determining the outcome of their impact events and is needed for many asteroid mitigation options. Meteorites are the physical material we have here to understand the larger parent body. Our objective is to scale flaw parameters in meteorites to their parent body, and therefore providing a way to scale strength from the smaller meteorites to the larger asteroids.”