White Dwarf Collisions, a promising scenario to account for meteoritic anomaliesOPEN ACCESS 

J. Isern, E. Bravo

Accepted for publication in RNAAS
6 September, 2018


“It is commonly accepted that collisions between white dwarfs (WD) are rare events that only occur in the dense interior of globular clusters or in the dense outskirts around the central galactic black holes, and are therefore disregarded as an important source of Type Ia supernovae (SNIa). Although the majority of these encounters will not result in a SNIa event, many of them will produce mass ejections. Under the appropriate circumstances, this material can become part of a protostar nebula, including the pre-solar one, in the form of stardust leading to the existence of chemical anomalies in meteorites. We describe a WD-WD collision scenario that potentially might explain the so called Ne-E anomaly found in some primitive meteorites like Orgueil and Murchison. “