Chondrule radiative cooling in a non-uniform density environment

J. Delpeyrat, F. Pigeonneau, G. Libourel

In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 28 March 2019



• Simulated chondrule cooling rates are related to chondrule textural abundances.
• Optical depth is the relevant parameter to study static radiative cooling.
• Static radiative cooling allows for gas-melt interaction at high temperature.”

“In an effort to better use thermal histories of chondrules in chondrites to test chondrule formation models, the present note addresses the formation of chondrules through the radiative cooling of a droplet cloud of non-uniform density. More generally, we show that the cooling rates obtained can be related not only to the different types of texture of the chondrules but also to their relative abundance in order to evaluate the relevance of models concerning the formation of chondrules.”