The Ozerki Meteorite: Petrology and the First Data on Noble Gases and Nitrogen Released by Stepwise Combustion and Crushing Methods

Korochantseva E. V., Verchovsky A. B., Lorenz C. A., Buikin A. I., Korochantsev A. V.

82nd Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2019

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“The Ozerki meteorite shower fell on June 21, 2018 in Russia. More than 100 individual stones were found. The total recovered mass of the meteorite rain is ˃10 kg. Ozerki is classified as ordinary chondrite (L6, W0, S5) [1]. Preliminary study of the chondrite indicates absence of heavy particle tracks in olivine (Ol) grains presumably due to the low cosmic-ray exposure (CRE) age of this meteorite and the deep location of the studied sample (≥ 30 cm) in the pre-atmospheric body with radius ≥ 50 cm [2]. We report petrological information on this meteorite and preliminary data on noble gases and nitrogen extracted by stepped combustion and crushing methods. “