CV Chondrites: More than One Parent Body

Gattacceca J., Bonal L., Sonzogni C., Longerey J.

82nd Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2019

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“CV chondrites have been classically divided into reduced (CVRed) and oxidized (CVOx) sub-groups, based on a number of mineralogical features, the Ni content of sulfides and the abundance of Fe,Ni metal [1]. The oxidized sub-group has been further divided into Allende- (CVOxA) and Bali- (CVOxB) type, based on a combination of chemical and petrographic criteria [e.g., 2, 3]. These three sub-groups are interpreted as coming from a single parent body, with a common protolith affected by significant parent body fluid-assisted metasomatism occurring at different temperature and/or redox conditions [2,4]. CK chondrites have been interpreted as coming from a more thermally metamorphosed (deeper) part of the same CV parent body [e.g., 5,6], but this interpretation has been recently challenged [7]. In this work we will argue that although CVOxA and CVOxB are likely to originate from a single parent body, CVOx and CVRed originate from two different parent bodies. “