Properties of a New Grouplet of G Metal-Rich Chondrites

Ivanova M. A., Lorenz C. A., Humayun M., Richter K., Corrigan C. M., Franchi I. A., Verchovsky A. B., Korochantseva E. V., Kozlov V. V., Teplyakova S. I., Kononkova N. N., Korochantsev A. V.

82nd Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2019

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“The metal-rich (MR) chondrites (>20 vol% of Fe,Ni-metal) have attracted a lot of attention recently. MR chondrites include Carbonaceous (C) chondrites (CHs, CBs [e.g., 1-4], CH/CBb chondrite Isheyevo [5], G chondrites (GC), Northwest Africa (NWA) 5492, and Grosvenor Mountains (GRO) 95551 [6] and new ungrouped chondrites, Northwest Africa (NWA) 12379/12273 [7,8]. Here we discuss the main properties of a new grouplet of MR GCs and discuss possible origin of their components based on our comprehensive study of the Sierra Gorda (SG) 009