Organic Matter in the Aguas Zarcas (CM2) Meteorite: High Abundance of Aliphatic Carbon in Metal-Rich Lithology

Y. Kebukawa, M. E. Zolensly, J. Mathurin, E. Dartois, C. Engrand, J. Duprat, A. Deniset-Besseau, A. Dazzi, M. Fries, T. Ohigashi, D. Wakabayashi, S. Yamashita, Y. Takeichi, Y. Takahashi, M. Kondo, M. Ito, Y. Kodama, Z. Rahman, K. Kobayashi

51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2020), Abstract #1349


“The Aguas Zarcas meteorite is a new CM2 chondrite which fell on 23 April 2019 (local time) in Costa Rica. Aguas Zarcas is brecciated and contains several different lithologies including metal-rich lithology (see also Kerraouch et al. [1]) and CI-like lithology. This fresh CM2 chondrite provides an opportunity for analyses of organic matter (OM) without terrestrial contamination and weathering, particularly some stones which were collected before rain fell over the fall site. We aim to characterize local heterogeneities and associations of organic and mineral phases using state-of-the-art microscopic techniques to constrain the origin and evolutionally processes of OM during pre- and post-accretion. “