The Manifold Of Variations: impact location of short-term impactorsOPEN ACCESS 

Alessio Del Vigna, Linda Dimare, Davide Bracali Cioci


Update (20 May 2021) : LINK

“The interest in the problem of small asteroids observed shortly before a deep close approach or an impact with the Earth has grown a lot in recent years. Since the observational dataset of such objects is very limited, they deserve dedicated orbit determination and hazard assessment methods. The currently available systems are based on the systematic ranging, a technique providing a 2-dimensional manifold of orbits compatible with the observations, the so-called Manifold Of Variations. In this paper we first review the Manifold Of Variations method, to then show how this set of virtual asteroids can be used to predict the impact location of short-term impactors, and compare the results with those of already existent methods. “