Raman spectra of the Markovka chondrite (H4)

Sergey Voropaev, Ute Böttger, Sergey G. Pavlov, Franziska Hanke, Dmitri Petukhov

Raman Spectroscopy
First published: 31 May 2021


“Raman spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy methods were used to study the fragment of the Markovka (H4 chondrite) meteorite. A characteristic set of silicate minerals (olivine and pyroxene), oxides and hydroxides (maghemite and goethite), troilite, and carbonates (aragonite) was determined. The structural features revealed by Raman spectroscopy allow us to draw important conclusions on thermal history of the parent body including both the temperature experienced by the rock on the parent body and their cooling rate as well as the constraints on the size of the parent body and the Mg composition of the assumed fluid.”