The terrestrial impact crater record: A statistical analysis of morphologies, structures, ages, lithologies, and moreOPEN ACCESS 

Thomas Kenkmann

Meteoritics & Planetary Science
First Published: 30 June 2021


“The number of newly discovered and confirmed impact structures on earth is growing continuously. In this review paper, the main attributes of 198 confirmed impact structures and 10 further structures, for which final confirmation based on the identification of shock features is not yet entirely satisfying, are presented. The impact craters are compared statistically, with regard to their morphology, structure, and status of erosion or burial. The size– and age–frequency distributions of terrestrial impact structures are presented. Additional aspects concern target petrography and shock effects found in the craters. Based on the discovery statistics of presently known crater structures, an estimate can be made of the number of craters that await discovery. The paper is complementary to the recently published atlas of terrestrial impact structures by Gottwald et al. (2020).”