Magnetite-Rich C2-ung Chondrites and Their Asteroidal Parent Bodies

Hewins R. H., Zanetta P.-M., Zanda B., Le Guiillou C., Leroux H., Brunetto R., Maupin R., Djouadi Z., Gattacceca J., Sognzoni C., Pont S., Piani L., Rigaudier T., Bernard S., Deldicque D., Malarewicz V., Dionnet Z., Aléon-Toppani A., King A., Borondics F.

84th Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2021 (abstract # 6041)


C2-ung1 chondrites are more δ18O-rich and magnetite-rich than CM2 chondrites. NWA 12563 magnetite cannot be detected in the IR making a connection to asteroids difficult. However, it resembles WIS 91600, and could be from the same parent body.