MicrOmega/MASCOT first results

Jean-Pierre Bibring, Cédric Pilorget, Lucie Riu, Vincent Hamm, Rosario Brunetto, Tra-Mi Ho, Ralph Jaumann, Yves Langevin, Aurélie Moussi, François Poulet, Mathieu Vincendon, the MicrOmega/Mascot team

Planetary and Space Science
Available online 4 December 2021



• First in situ NIR hyperspectral microscope embarked on a space mission.
• First landing on a C-type asteroid.
• Ryugu boulder-rich regolith-free surface revealed.”

“MASCOT has been selected to be integrated on board the JAXA Hayabusa2 mission, with a suite of 4 instruments: a camera MASCam, a radiometer MARA, a magnetometer MASMag and MicrOmega, a hyperspectral near infrared microscope, designed to characterize the composition of Ryugu surface materials down their grain scale (25 μm large). A joined article (Ho et al., this issue) describes and gives references to MASCOT design, goals, development and operation, along its cruise, landing and on asteroid phase.

MicrOmega has been activated and operated as planned, while demonstrating high instrumental performances. However, its configuration when MASCOT went at rest on Ruygu located MicrOmega line of sight over a deep depression, with Ryugu surface much too far to be illuminated and imaged, precluding a direct characterization.

In this paper, we present and discuss MicrOmega operations and outcomes.”