The Hopewell airburst event, 1699–1567 years ago (252–383 CE)OPEN ACCESS 

Kenneth Barnett Tankersley, Stephen D. Meyers, Stephanie A. Meyers, James A. Jordan, Louis Herzner, David L. Lentz & Dylan Zedaker

Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Article number: 1706 (2022)
Published: 01 February 2022


“Meteorites, Fe and Si-rich microspherules, positive Ir and Pt anomalies, and burned charcoal-rich Hopewell habitation surfaces demonstrate that a cosmic airburst event occurred over the Ohio River valley during the late Holocene. A comet-shaped earthwork was constructed near the airburst epicenter. Twenty-nine radiocarbon ages establish that the event occurred between 252 and 383 CE, a time when 69 near-Earth comets were documented. While Hopewell people survived the catastrophic event, it likely contributed to their cultural decline. The Hopewell airburst event expands our understanding of the frequency and impact of cataclysmic cosmic events on complex human societies.”