No mineralogic or geochemical evidence of impact at Tall el-Hammam, a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near the Dead SeaOPEN ACCESS 

Steven J. Jaret & R. Scott Harris

Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Article number: 5189


Reference: A Tunguska sized airburst destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea , (original article published on 20 September 2021)

“In their recent Nature Scientific Reports article, Bunch et al. present several observations from the geologic and archeologic record and conclude that the destruction of the Bronze Age city Tall el-Hammam was caused by a cosmic air burst. Here, we challenge their mineralogic and geochemical observations. This is important because as determined by the impact cratering community, these are the only kinds of evidence that can provide uniquely diagnostic evidence of impacts or airburst and are the only criteria currently acceptable for confirmation of impact.

Studies of confirmed and doubtful impacts and air bursts that could have affected humans have generated considerable excitement and debate over the last two decades. The excitement importantly emphasizes the critical role of geological studies in the field of planetary defense. While we welcome provocative hypotheses that implicate hypervelocity collisions in historic disasters, we must recognize that the implication for assessing future risks demands adherence to the highest burdens of evidence.”