Slow Neutron-Capture Process: Low-Mass Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars and Presolar Silicon Carbide GrainsOPEN ACCESS 

Nan Liu, Sergio Cristallo, Diego Vescovi

Universe 2022, 8(7), 362
Review, Published: 30 June 2022


“Presolar grains are microscopic dust grains that formed in the stellar winds or explosions of ancient stars that died before the formation of the solar system. The majority (~90% in number) of presolar silicon carbide (SiC) grains, including types mainstream (MS), Y, and Z, came from low-mass C-rich asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars, which is supported by the ubiquitous presence of SiC dust observed in the circumstellar envelope of AGB stars and the signatures of slow neutron-capture process preserved in these grains. Here, we review the status of isotope studies of presolar AGB SiC grains with an emphasis on heavy element isotopes and highlight the importance of presolar grain studies for nuclear astrophysics. We discuss the sensitives of different types of nuclei to varying AGB stellar parameters and how their abundances in presolar AGB SiC grains can be used to provide independent, detailed constraints on stellar parameters, including 13C formation, stellar temperature, and nuclear reaction rates. “