Asteroid families: properties, recent advances, and future opportunitiesOPEN ACCESS 

Bojan Novaković, David Vokrouhlický, Federica Spoto & David Nesvorný

Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, Volume 134, Article number: 34
Published: 22 July 2022


“Collisions are one of the key processes shaping planetary systems. Asteroid families are outcomes of such collision still identifiable across our solar system. The families provide a unique view of catastrophic disruption phenomena and have been in the focus of planetary scientists for more than a century. Most of them are located in the main belt, a ring of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. Here we review the basic properties of the families, discuss some recent advances, and anticipate future challenges. This review pays more attention to dynamic aspects such as family identification, age determination, and long-term evolution. The text, however, goes beyond that. Especially, we cover the details of young families that see the major advances in the last years, and we anticipate it will develop even faster in the future. We also discuss the relevance of asteroid families for water-ice content in the asteroid belt and our current knowledge on links between families and main-belt comets. query Please check the edit made in the article title.”