The Structural analysis of Kunya-Urgench chondrite: The nondestructive neutron studies

Sergey E. Kichanov, Bekhzodjon A. Abdurakhimov, Ivan Yu Zel, Andrei K. Kirillov, Denis P. Kozlenko, Irina K. Lapina, Yulii L. Mentsin

Version of Record online: 21 August 2022


“We present the results of neutron methods, specifically neutron diffraction and neutron tomography, in studying the structural organization of a Kunya-Urgench chondrite fragment. The major phases of the meteorite fragment and variation of the phase content across the studied volume were revealed using neutron diffraction. The 3-D model of the spatial distribution of metal and silicate phases inside the meteorite volume was obtained using neutron tomography. The distributions of volumes, average sizes, and shape-related parameters of kamacite and silicate phases were analyzed. Shape preferred orientations of the kamacite particles were observed and the origins of shape fabric of these particles were discussed.”