Minerochemical and Microtextural Study of the Ungrouped Iron Meteorite Oglat Sidi Ali, Eastern Highlands, Morocco, and Geomorphological Characterization of Its StrewnfieldOPEN ACCESS 

Hassane Nachit, Abderrahmane Ibhi, Mohamed En-nasiry, Vanni Moggi Cecchi, Giovanni Pratesi, Christopher D. K. Herd, Giorgio S. Senesi

Minerals 2022, 12(11), 1470
Published: 20 November 2022


“Fragments of a new iron meteorite were found in and collected from Oglat Sidi Ali, Maatarka region, Morocco, during a series of expeditions in the years 2013–2017. The physical characteristics of recovered fragments feature typical attributes of individual samples of a unique meteorite strewnfield that originated from an iron meteorite shower via the fragmentation of a single body that broke up in the lower atmosphere. The total recovered mass of the Oglat Sidi Ali meteorite fragments was estimated to amount to more than 800 kg spread across a NE–SW oriented, 20 km-long and 5 km-wide strewnfield. Geochemical and mineralogical data achieved on Oglat Sidi Ali fragments, as well as the analysis of its microstructures obtained using electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD), suggested it should be classified as an ungrouped iron meteorite. A comparison of this meteorite with other ungrouped iron meteorites, such as NWA 859 and NWA 11010, purchased between 2001 and 2016 in various cities of Northeast Morocco show apparently similar mineralogy, geochemistry and textural features, suggesting a common origin from a single extraterrestrial body. “