Is μCT irradiation nondestructive? A noble gas study on matrix samples from the CV3 chondrite AllendeOPEN ACCESS 

Parastoo Ghaznavi, Yogita Kadlag, David Haberthür, Ruslan Hlushchuk, Ingo Leya

MAPS, Version of Record online: 03 June 2023


“Micro-computed tomography (μCT) is a fast and powerful technology for studying textural, physical, and chemical properties of solid objects in three dimensions. While regularly used for sample documentation and curation, it is often assumed that μCT techniques are essentially nondestructive or at least very little destructive. However, there are very few studies proving or rejecting the assumption of nondestructiveness. Here we study whether X-ray tomographic imaging affects the noble gas budget of matrix samples from the CV3 carbonaceous chondrite Allende. We irradiated powdered and homogenized matrix samples in the Bruker SkyScan 1272 μCT instrument at three different X-ray tube acceleration voltages of 30, 70, and 100 keV. By comparing the noble gas concentrations and especially the elemental and isotopic ratios of the irradiated samples with data for two non-irradiated aliquots, we found no significant differences. Our study therefore demonstrates that X-ray tomographic imaging has no measurable effect on the noble gas budget and can therefore safely be used for sample characterization prior to noble gas studies.”