Overview of the MetSpec project – Artificial meteors in ground testing

Juraj Tóth, Pavol Matlovič, Stefan Loehle, Jérémie Vaubaillon, Adriana Pisarčíková, David Leiser, Felix Grigat, Martin Eberhart, Fabian Hufgard, Ranjith Ravichandran, Erik Poloni, Igor Hoerner, Christian Duernhofer, Sara Delahaie, Ludovic Ferrière, Sylvian Rommeluere, Nicolas Rambaux

Available online 9 September 2023, 115791, In Press, Journal Pre-proof


“We provide an overview of the MetSpec project, which aims to connect meteorite ablation laboratory experiments with meteor spectral observations in the atmosphere aiming at the development of a methodology to identify incoming planetary material distribution into the Earth’s atmosphere. We have selected 28 meteorites of different types to represent known planetary material compositions coming from asteroids, Vesta, Mars and the Moon. Some samples have been tested twice which resulted in overall 31 experiments. Three distinct test campaigns were realized in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with the High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group in the Plasma Wind Tunnel PWK1 where they have developed a unique testing scenario. During the last and most elaborated campaign, 16 cameras observed the artificial meteors in the laboratory. Besides videos and online live streaming, instruments included several spectrometers, and optical and imaging instruments covering UV, visible and IR spectral range. This special collection in Icarus collects the resulting output from the different instruments and results. This overview article provides an introduction and summarizes the main findings of the experimental campaigns.”