The optical, seismic, and infrasound signature of the March 5 2022, bolide over Central ItalyOPEN ACCESS 

Marco Olivieri, Davide Piccinini, Gilberto Saccorotti, Dario Barghini, Daniele Gardiol, Nicola Alessandro Pino, Maurizio Ripepe, Giulio Betti, Giorgio Lacanna & Lorenzo Arcidiaco

Scientific Reports, Volume 13, Article number: 21135
Published: 30 November 2023


“On March 5, 2022, a 12 kg meteoroid crossed the sky above Central Italy and was observed by three different observational systems: the PRISMA all-sky camera network (10 stations), the Italian national seismic network (61 stations), and a 4-element infrasound array. The corresponding datasets, each with its own resolution, provided three independent assessments of the trajectory, size and speed of the meteoroid. The bolide traveled across central Italy with an azimuth of 102 degrees, becoming visible at about 91 km above sea level with a velocity of about 15.4 km/s. Its visible trajectory lasted about 15 s. Reasonably, the residual portion of the ablated bolide terminated its path in the Adriatic Sea and could not be recovered. Seismic and infrasound data well match optical observations detecting the bolide Mach cone at 68 km above sea level with a back azimuth of 25 degrees with respect to the array. By comparing results from the three different systems, discrepancies are within the estimated uncertainties, thus confirming the mutual consistency of the adopted methodologies. Therefore, this study shows that different approaches can be integrated to improve the detection capability for bolide crossing the sky in monitored regions.”