From 2D to 3D chondrule size data: Some empirical ground truths

Metzler, K.

Meteorit Planet Sci. . doi:10.1111/maps.13091


“In order to characterize the relation between apparent chondrule sizes (2D) and true chondrule sizes (3D), three ordinary chondrites of the H, L, and LL group have been analyzed. The diameters of a large number of chondrule cut faces in thin sections (2D; n = 2037) and of separated chondrules from the same meteorites (3D: n = 2061) have been measured. The obtained 2D/3D mean chondrule sizes (μm) for the H, L, and LL chondrite are 450/490, 500/610, and 690/830; the corresponding median values (μm) are 370/420, 450/530, and 580/730. The data show that there is a cutoff for small chondrule sizes in each sample. Possibly characteristic minimum sizes exist for the various groups, increasing in the (3D) sequence H (~90 μm) “