Crystal structure refinement of chromites from two achondrites, their T-f(O2) conditions, and implications.

Lenaz, D. and Schmitz, B.

Meteoritics & Planetary Science. doi: 10.1111/maps.12885


“Six Cr-spinel grains from NWA 6077 brachinite-like and NWA 725 winonaite achondrites have been studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and structural refinement. From a chemical point of view, spinels from NWA 6077 show Cr/(Cr + Al) (i.e., Cr#) and Mg/(Mg + Fe2+) (i.e., Mg#) values similar to other brachinites, while the Cr# of NWA 725 is lower than that of literature winonaites. Spinels from NWA 6077 and NWA 725 meteorites show similar cell edges, while the oxygen positional parameter is rather different being about 0.2629 for NWA 6077 and 0.2622 for NWA 725. Considering both parameters, NWA 725 shows structural features that are close to some terrestrial spinel occurrences as in komatiites, kimberlites, or included in diamonds; those from NWA 6077 show values that have no terrestrial analogs. Olivine-chromite closure temperature ranges from ~737 to ~765° C for NWA 725, being similar to that of literature winonaites and ~846 to ~884° C for NWA 6077. The logfO2 ranges from −19.8 to −20.5 and −17.0 to −17.9 for the two meteorites, respectively. The u values for terrestrial samples can give information about the cooling history of the samples. For the extraterrestrial samples, it seems that it can give information about the cooling only for spinels where it is lower than 0.2625. For higher values, it appears related only to the chemistry of the spinels.”