On a Novel Geometric Analysis of the Bacubirito Meteorite

E. Terán-Bobadilla, J. H. Abundis-Patiño, C. Añorve, C. R. Moraila, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, M. A. Aragón-Calvo

Earth, Moon, and Planets
pp 1–11
First Online: 31 July 2017


“Tridimensional model with large level of detail and reliability of the Bacubirito meteorite is determined by laser scanner measurements. By means of this model and densities published in the literature, we estimate the mass, main geometrical quantities, and regmaglypts distribution on the meteorite. A Monte Carlo method is proposed for uncertainty estimations of the derived geometrical magnitudes. The Bacubirito meteorite mass is m = 19.43 ± 0.51 tons with a maximum length of 4.130 ± 0.005 m; Bacubirito is set as the world’s fifth largest and the longest reported to date.”