Dust concentration and chondrule formationOPEN ACCESS 

Alexander Hubbard, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Denton S. Ebel

accepted, Meteoritics & Planetary Sciences

Update (17 April 2018): LINK

“Meteoritical and astrophysical models of planet formation make contradictory predictions for dust concentration factors in chondrule forming regions of the solar nebula. Meteoritical and cosmochemical models strongly suggest that chondrules, a key component of the meteoritical record, formed in regions with solids-to-gas mass ratios orders of magnitude above background. However, models of dust grain dynamics in protoplanetary disks struggle to surpass factors of a few outside of very brief windows in the lifetime of the dust grains. Worse, those models do not predict significant concentration factors for dust grains the size of chondrule precursors. We briefly develop the difficulty in concentrating dust particles in the context of nebular chondrule formation and show that the disagreement is sufficiently stark that cosmochemists should explore ideas that might revise the concentration factor requirements downwards.”