Mineralogy of V-type asteroids as a constraining tool of their past history

S.F.A. Batista, T.M. Seixas, M.A. Salgueiro da Silva, R.M.G. de Albuquerque

Planetary and Space Science
DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2014.10.012
available online 4 November 2014


Our results strength the relationship between HED meteorites and V-type asteroids, as also suggested by the results from the Dawn mission (15, 16, 30 and 31). The latter is contradicting the results from Schiller et al. (2011) and Wasson (2013), which questioned this linkage. We also report the best meteoritic kind for the studied V-type asteroids, by comparing their spectra and mineralogies. We also report the pyroxenes mineralogical distributions of the HED meteorites, inferred through the Hapke radiative transfer model, which can be suitable for comparison with future mineralogical studies of these objects.